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With ROKH, you can create new opportunities for business, developing a competitive strategy for the benefit of your enterprise or law firm, to increase efficiency, certainty and cooperation with counterparties and clients, and to take full advantage of knowledge in your possession.
Contact us with any queries or for any further information, to find out about our products or build up an innovative legal tech project together, for your business of law firm.

Business enquiries.

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ROKH is particularly concerned with the efficiency of work carried out and the qualitỳ of documents drafted with a view to maximising activities̀ and to stress the need̀ for lawyers to be innovators and true business partners.
Contact us if you would like to work with us or to put forward new projects. The enthusiasm with which a new idea is formulated is the basis of every step that we make in the future of the legal professions.

Partnership enquiries

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ROKH is a project aimed at offering the legal profession an innovative method, to help firms view regulations and procedures as an element to their advantage, rather than an impediment to their business.

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For assistance, contact the ROKH technical back-up service.

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