Via our platform, we assist numerous enterprises and law firms to streamline all those business procedures that are so often held up by red tape. We are a family of professionals: together we have encapsulated and enhanced everyone’s individual skills.


Our business is based on legal skills - earned by our partners over decades in leading law firms and important multinational groups, as well as solid IT skills - assimilated after years of development and business activities in the world of new technologies.

Quality efficiency.

All the activities conducted at ROKH are focused on the unrelenting pursuit of quality efficiency, offering the ROKH platform as a differentiated tool, providing extensive back-up to satisfy legal and administrative needs.
In the day-to-day running of our business, there is not a single feature that was not designed by legal professionals in accordance with strict statutory metrics, nor an application that is not the result of joint examination and the exchange of information on how to improve technological performance, for the benefit of our clients and working associates.

Designed by lawyers for

Our approach is at 360° legal tech, with considerable added value provided by the legal, and also technological, skills we have gained over the years, enabling us to assert that ROKH is “designed by lawyers for lawyers”.
Our clients and working associates become real ROKH Members and benefit exclusively from the competitive advantages guaranteed by the platform: quality, savings, security, speed, straight forward use and international application.


We founded ROKH with the aim of simplifying legal and administrative formalities by businesses and law firms, thanks to the technological levels achieved.
Set up in 2017 with the national and international experience of a group of lawyers and managers from leading multinational enterprises and international firms, the mission set by ROKH is to make available to any business enterprise or law firm, highly developed smart drafting tools and a comprehensive platform that is able to digitalize and increase the efficiency with which all legal and administrative documents required to run the business are drafted, negotiated, signed and managed, at both a national and international level.


Customization of contractual Smart Drafting logics

Thanks to the range of ROKH Platform modules, we can offer every ROKH Member tools that permit full customization of contractual Smart Drafting logics - based on the knowledge of each Enterprise or Law Firm.


Digitalized management of all negotiation and signing operations

In addition, our service enables the digitalized management of all negotiation operations, the preparation of documents for signing, remote signing and storage (which can also be used again in the event of legal action or disputes).



Taking the victorious image of the Roc carrying off the elephant, we developed the ROKH brand. Our logo features the Roc bird, symbolizing the strength of someone who has the ability to lead and to raise tom greater heights, carries off the elephant - symbol of memory, long life, tradition and culture. The Tree of Life, to which the Roc makes its way, is depicted in the “O” featured in the brand.
This visual portrait describes the values of our Company: ROKH is capable of taking on and transferring -and at the same time preserving - all the skills associated with tradition, fairness and best practices in business, innovating and digitalizing, to bring enterprises into the future.


The name ROKH comes from the name of a mythological eagle-like bird. The Roc or Rok (from the Persian رخ ROKH) is a mythological bird with white plumage, whose size and strength enable it to snatch and eat even elephants. The ROKH is known, in the West, principally through the tale of Sindbad the sailor, a late addition to The Thousand and One Nights.


ROKH sets a great store by the selection of young students and/or new professional figures to join its team.

Professionalism, creativity and innovation are our hallmarks.
ROKH is not just a place to work, but, above all, is a dynamic and stimulating environment in which one can grow and achieve one’s potential.
We are looking for talented professionals who share our values and want to bring their skills into play in an environment clearly focused on the future.
We would be glad to assess your profile and give you the opportunity to become a new ROKHer and to join our team.

Work with us